The exchange of knowledge is extremely important and constitutes a priority for Unoesc

Commitment to international learning and training

Unoesc has been committed to internationalization since 2010, when it created the Academic Mobility Program and established a specific coordination to plan and implement strategic actions with this purpose and horizon. Since then, the exchange of knowledge has become relevant and constitutes a priority for the Institution. The possibilities that internationalization provides permeate advances arising from joint research, projects, programs, continuing education and qualification of human resources, aiming at mutual collaboration.



Unoesc's academic calendar must be in tune with the calendars of universities abroad, being carried out in such a way that the academic life of the student, at its origin, is in accordance with all the steps to be taken.

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Internship and Language Courses

Find out more information about the compulsory internship and foreign language courses.

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Science Without Borders

Science without Borders is a program that seeks to promote the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of science and technology, innovation and Brazilian competitiveness through international exchange and mobility.

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Graduation Agreement Student Program is a cooperation activity, whose objective is the training of human resources, in order to enable citizens of developing countries (Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean) with which Brazil maintains educational or cultural agreements.

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International Academic Mobility

The short-term program takes place over the period of one academic semester. The long-term one lasts for a maximum of one year. In both programs, Unoesc students participate in public notices for selection and are subject to evaluation and acceptance by the foreign university.

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